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PhiRemoval Training with Grand Master Ella Sakalauskiene in Wellington, Melbourne and Perth.

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

This October, Fabulash Brows proudly brings to New Zealand and Australia, Grand Master Ella Sakalauskiene, one of the best in the industry for the priceless one-day intensive trainings on PhiRemoval, an essential technique for any experienced PMU/Microblading technician. Phi Removal is the technique of removing permanent makeup from the face/body, using innovative advanced formulation of PhiRemoval Products to bring about an effective result while gentle to the skin.

The advantages of PhiRemoval compared to Laser Removal are: 1. No big investment for machine 2. Mobile - you can work in different salons 3. Be able to removal all pigment types, especially one containing titanium which Laser can not remove it!

The student will join a one day workshop with the master and also receive 6 months access and support through the PhiAcademy learning CraftMaster application. Valuable theory would be delivered including hygiene, treatment, post care, machine and needles. Differences between the tattoo remover products and indications for PhiRemoval are also part of the course content. Students also have more knowledge to handle with scars and have chance to practice on live models.

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All prices are in New Zealand Dollar and GST included

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