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Fabulash Brows joined Australia's premier PMU and beauty convention- BrowzaCon.

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

BrowzaCon, Australia's exclusive convention for permanent makeup (PMU) and beauty, is set to make its mark on the industry. With ambitious plans for the future, BrowzaCon kicked off its inaugural event on Saturday, May 27th, 2023, at the prestigious Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, renowned worldwide. The highly anticipated PMU and beauty event hosted Master Judy as one of their talented PMU Masters, as an educator, supplier and performing live demonstrations over the course of the convention.

Judy and Cindy perform combination brows using blush pigment.

PMU, short for permanent makeup, includes the art of tattooing eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner, along with the delicate hair stroke technique known as microblading. It extends beyond aesthetics and finds application in medical settings, including scar camouflage and hair replacement procedures. BrowzaCon provides a perfect space where you can witness live PMU tattooing demonstrations, connect with skilled specialists in the field and discover the world of PMU to find the perfect practitioner for your needs.

Judy educating on combination brows demonstration.

Judy, a PMU Master renowned for her unique and intuitive techniques travelled from New Zealand to Brisbane to attend and demonstrate live on-stage with her Business partner from Darwin for combination brows technique. Fabulash Brows is also proudly the silver sponsor for this first PMU event in Australia. Judy took the stage to demonstrate her exceptional PMU technique in combination brows, but its not just her technique that sets Judy apart, her very own blush pigment line is meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty and longevity of PMU results and to give a wide range of choice in colour and pigment, and with 90 bottles sold in a single day at the convention, its clear the other talented PMU artists in attendance think the same.

Popular blush pigment line on display at Browzacon

BrowzaCon is a convention specifically designed for PMU artists and beauticians to gather, exchange knowledge, and demonstrate various PMU techniques. It serves as a platform for professionals in the industry to network, learn new skills, and stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in the field of PMU, while also a great place to find a PMU artist you love. With up to 65 stalls of eyebrow, eyeliner, lip and medical tattooers, suppliers and educators, you can be sure you're browsing the best in beauty and PMU products.

Live PMU educating and demonstrating at Browzacon

The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) stands as one of Australia's premier convention centers, recognized among the world's best. Situated in the heart of South Brisbane, BCEC spans a significant portion of the block bordered by Grey Street, Melbourne Street, Merivale Street, and Glenelg Street. Owned by the South Bank Corporation and managed by ASM Global, this iconic venue serves as a hub for various events and gatherings of international significance.

Judys live demo PMU space

At BrowzaCon, attendees have attended many workshops, seminars, and live demonstrations conducted by experienced PMU artists and industry experts. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including eyebrow design, microblading, shading, ombre brows, pigment selection, aftercare, and more. The convention aims to provide a space for artists to enhance their skills, discover innovative techniques, and gain inspiration from their peers.

BrowzaCon has been a valuable opportunity for PMU artists and beauticians to expand their professional horizons, gain insights into industry best practices, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Live PMU demonstration at Browzacon

BrowzaCon proved to be an exceptional gathering for PMU enthusiasts and professionals alike. Judy's presence added a special touch to the event, with her remarkable techniques and personally crafted pigment becoming an important part of other PMU artist's toolkit too. The convention served as a catalyst for inspiration and growth, as attendees were able to witness firsthand the artistry and innovation that the world of PMU has to offer. As BrowzaCon came to an end, participants left with newfound knowledge, fresh perspectives, and a renewed passion for their craft. The impact of this event will continue to resonate within the PMU community, empowering artists to push boundaries and create even more stunning transformations.

Model for live PMU demonstration at Browzacon

Reflecting on the incredible interactions and knowledge shared at BrowzaCon, Judy is eager to implement what she has learned into her practice and to continue pushing the boundaries of PMU artistry. While glad to be back home with her family and in our salon, Judy looks back fondly on her time at BrowzaCon, grateful for the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals and be part of such an extraordinary event. With Browzacon next year to look forward to, Judy is more determined than ever to elevate her craft and create breathtaking transformations for her clients.

If you're interested in seeing Judy in our Manners Street Salon for your PMU needs head online to to book at your convenience.

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