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Judy Nguyen


Master Judy Nguyen is the founder of Fabulash Brows Academy, and has been an International Trainer in Microblading, Semipermanent makeup and cosmetic tattoo since 2016. Judy was awarded the highest title, 'Master', in 2017 by PhiAcademy in Belgrade - Serbia, for her excellence in her Microblading skills. Having graduated from Victoria University with a Masters of Marketing and International Business, Judy is also an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in running multiple successful businesses in the beauty and wholesales industry in Wellington, New Zealand, and in Melbourne, Australia. She is one of only two Phibrows Masters in New Zealand.


Judy Nguyen started her pathway in the semi-permanent makeup industry when she joined the Phibrows training workshop in Las Vegas, USA, in 2016. With her high level of talent, she was quickly awarded the Master title for her excellence in Microblading, by PhiAcademy in Belgrade - Serbia, in September 2017. In June 2022, Judy finished her contract with PhiAcademy after 5 years of teaching Phibrows microblading as a Phibrows Master for them. 

Since 2016, Judy has attended extensive trainings relating to machine work for brows and lips, with numerous renowned Masters and Grand Masters across Europe and Asia. Alongside this, she has travelled around the world every year to attend various conferences related to semi-permanent makeup, and has presented her own techniques at many of these conferences. 

Judy begun training students in her Ombré Powder and Tinted Lip techniques, done without anaesthetic, in 2018. The Ombré Powder Brows is one of her favourite techniques, and is a very popular course amongst her beginner level students. She has a very unique technique which produces outstanding results, and she has created her very own pigment line to ensure that her work produces the highest quality results, and to enable her students to rapidly improve their own skills. 

Master Judy is a pioneer in bringing the newest technologies and practices from around the world to New Zealand. She is now one of the most influential micro-pigmentation artists on social media, with multiple platforms which have all amassed a large and loyal following. She is admired for her superior techniques, however, is adored for being a down to earth person with a big heart, an open mind and a simple life style. She is a charismatic leader, encouraging and inspiring followers by her works, her endeavours and her personality. 




Judy Nguyen’s Achievement in PMU Industry


  1. Head of School/Master Trainer for Fabulash Brows and Beauty Academy 

  2. CEO of VNZ Nail and Beauty Supplies 

  3. Founder of 4Seasons Nails Franchise New Zealand 

  4. BCA Honours in Economics

  5. Masters Degree in Marketing and International Business 

  6. Speaker at BrowzaCon Brisbane, Australia May 2023

  7. Ambassador of PMU Universe Vietnam March 2023

  8. Judge of Nano PMU - WULOP Championship Vietnam August 2022 

  9. Speaker at APMAC Conference - Melbourne Australia in 2022

  10. PMU Judge Of Third Online Competition 2021 - New York- USA

  11. Speaker at Diamond Worldwide PMU Masterclass 2019 - Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam 

  12. Master Judge of PMU Best Talent - Golden Masterclass 2018 - Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam

  13. Speaker for Ombre' Powder Brows and Nanozelle Plasma at Blush PMU Conference Wellington 10-11 March 2024

  14. Host of Blush PMU Conference Wellington 10-11 March 2024

Master Judy's technical skills, experience, passion and affection and dedication to her students has resulted in Judy gaining a name as the highest level of teacher available. Unlike other cosmetic artists, Judy values investing generous amounts of time into her students and clients, guiding them with her up to date knowledge to gain confidence and skills as they take their first steps into this dynamic and ever-changing, but charming industry.  


She always has thorough support for her students in and after every course to help them bridge the gap and gain confidence from their very first step in this tough and charming industry. Up until now, she has been working endlessly to deliver plenty of beautiful microblading works on clients of different races. Customers come to her mainly from word of mouth.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollar and GST included

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