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Nanozelle Plasma training


1. Two-day workshop:

* Day 1: theory training

* Day 2: practise on latex and live model​


2. Unlimited support

3. A premium kit included

Lunch and models are provided on the training day.

Training is offered Nz Wide.

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What is plasma? Plasma Is  the fourth state of matter, the most common  in the universe (apart from solid, liquid, gas). A plasma is an ionised gas, a gas into which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and to allow both species, ions and electrons, to coexist.

Plasma Treatment is based on creation of series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin, this process triggers an instant contraction and  tightening of skin fibres to create:

Lifting, remodelling and rejuvenating skin on face and body 

  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty (saggy eyelid correction)

  • Non-surgical neck-lift

  • Lifting deep wrinkles and sagging skin

  • Removal of scars and acne scars

  • Removal of hyperpigmentation

  • Removal of benign lesions on the skin (keratosis, papillomas,

       warts, fibroma,  milia…)

There are many companies selling Plasma  machines with different qualities. In our training I recommend you the Phiion Machine that I found the best machine so far for hot plasma treatments. 











How much should we charge for plasma treatments?


These charges are recommended on the face areas  only, other areas you can calculate your time to form suitable price. This treatment is quite new in New Zealand but you also check in your area to see if any one offer it. 

Nanozelle serum  for after care is separate charge and not included in service treatment!

About Master Trainer- Judy Nguyen


I have 15 years experience in Beauty Industry and owns multiple businesses based in Wellington, New Zealand. I has  completed 29 professional training courses, attended 12 conferences around the world for PMU & Skin since 2016!

I have been treating clients with plasma technology since 2017 and had done 6 training courses for plasma fibroblast over the years with the world’s leading academies for plasma including Purebeau Fibroblast - Germany, Phillings - PhiAcademy- Serbia, Micro needling- PhiAcademy, Plamere - USA, Nanozelle Cold Plasma - South Korea.


I am now very confident with plasma treatments and have many good results to back up. With my actual experience on working many models and clients,  I myself have developed many unique plasma patterns that will help to correct the unbalanced eye-shapes, brows, or facelift for clients which I haven’t found in any of my training courses  before. I am passionate about skin and love sharing my knowledge and experience with other people! All my training materials will be deigned by myself and equip you the most comprehensive knowledge of skin and plasma technology! You don’t need to have beauty therapy qualifications (it’s good if you have ) but we will provide you everything you need to operate this treatment in your salon! 

Qualifications and achievements


  • Founder/Master Trainer of Fabulash Brows & Beauty Academy, which specialises in semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extension, skin & other beauty treatments, professional training and product development and supplies

  • CEO of VNZ International Trade & Investment Ltd, T/A VNZ Nail &Beauty Supplies

  • Founder of 4 Seasons Nails Franchise New Zealand

  • 5 years working experience in Banking Sector

  • BCA Honours in economics

  • Masters in Marketing and International Business

  • Phibrows Master for PhiAcademy for 5 years, international speaker and Judge for many PMU championships in USA, Australia and Asia

  • Organiser /speaker/ judge at Blush PMU conference - March 2024

  • PMU ambassador for New Zealand to The World PMU Festival Vietnam 2023 

  • Speaker at APMAC Conference - Melbourne - Australia in October 2022

  • Judge of Wulop Nano PMU championship - Ho Chi Minh City - Việt Nam August 2022

  • Speaker at Diamond Worldwide PMU Masterclass 2019- Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam

  • PMU Judge Of Third Online Competition 2021 - New York- USA

  • Master Judge of PMU Best Talent- Golden Masterclass 2018- Viet Nam

  • Attended PhiAcademy Master Class 2017 , 2018 - Belgrade- Serbia

Nanozelle Plasma Training Program

Nanozelle Plasma technology combines hot plasma, cold plasma and Nanozelle product for after care.

However, the focus of this training is for hot plasma for face treatment including eyelid lift, brow lift, wrinkle removal, skin stag removals! And you will get bonus demonstration on cold plasma for skin rejuvenation, needling, treating skin diseases, acnes…

The training program includes 2 day workshop and 6 months learning online via professional app or learning platform the trainer open your access before and after workshops! You can choose to buy the kit from us or you buy yourself from the website we recommended! 

Training Duration: Workshop Training will be in 2 day workshop from 9am-5pm  in Wellington (all classes outside of Wellington will be 10% extra for fee, at least 4people attend class). Lunches and teas provided. 


Day 1: Theory, pattern of dots on different areas and practice on fruit all patterns 

Day 2: Watch live demonstration from trainer, ask questions and Practice on live models 


Kit include: 1 Phiion Pro wireless, box of needles, 4 bottle of nanozelle serum

Fee: $6500 plus gst with Kit, $5000 plus GST without Kit (NZ Dollars)

Online learning with kit $4500, without kit $3000  (not available at the moment )

Certificate  from Fabulash Brows & Beauty 

Unlimited support after training 


Spread Big Payments Into Small Ones with Q card





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All prices are in New Zealand Dollar and GST included

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