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Attend a NANO PMU MASTERCLASS with Huong Phan!

Introducing the renowned PMU expert, Huong Phan! With over 10 years of experience in the industry and as one of the first 7 grand masters for PhiAcademy, she has trained thousands of students and masters worldwide. Her technique, "Nano PMU," has been constantly improving for over 5 years and is highly acclaimed, along with her popular pigment line - Nano PMU pigment in Asia. And now, Huong Phan partners with our very own Judy Nguyen at Fabulash Brows academy to present her latest innovation - Twinkle Brows, nano pmu lips, and eyeliners! If you've completed our lips, brows or eyeliner cosmetic tattoo courses, this is a chance you wouldn't want to miss to add the latest innovations in PMU to your skillset. Our carefully crafted course offers you the chance to learn all three techniques or enhance your skills in just the ones you desire. Join us on this journey to elevate your PMU game and stand out in the industry with Huong Phan's techniques!

Discount 20% if you learn all three techniques, 10% if

you learn 2 techniques!!! Non refundable Deposit of

$2000 plus gst is required to secure your spot once you

register to be able to prepare for visa & travel!

Twinkle Powder Brows

Are you facing multiple issues with eyebrow shaping, shading, and retention? Do you struggle with thin or oily skin, ink spillage, and old tattoo correction? If yes, then the TwinkleBrows course is perfect for you! Led by Grand Master Huong Phan, this course will provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical training to solve all these problems.

Enhance you abilities learned in the Ombre Powder Brows training, and learn to:

👉 Draw the standard Golden Ratio eyebrow shape in just 5 minutes with 100% accuracy.

👉 Achieve retention of up to 99% after just one treatment.

👉 Master colour control, ink quality, and base, and control every needle and action on the skin for absolute results.

👉 Additionally, learn how to take stunning photos, edit them, and market your products effectively.

Upgrade your skills and become a Master specializing in eyebrows. Choose the shortest path to success and register for the two-day workshop on 28-29 August 2023 in Wellington, New Zealand. The course fee of $3990 plus GST includes a kit of Nano PMU pigment, latex, compass, apron, and one-year online support. You'll also get free access to the Nano PMU app for two years. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your eyebrow game and become a master loved and admired by everyone. Register now at or contact Judy at 0212321788.

Nano Lip Gloss

Get ready to enhance your Lip Tint beauty with Nano LipGloss! This two-day course is perfect for Advanced Permanent Makeup artists looking to expand their skills. You'll learn the Lip Gloss technique, including:

👉 Hand movements and granulation techniques

👉 How to create ink that adheres firmly to the skin without scratching or damaging the lips. The resulting ink is smooth and thin, adheres evenly to the lip line, and creates a soft gloss for the lips.

👉 With this technique, you can achieve picturesque rosy lips without needing lipstick, balm or lip gloss. 👉 You'll get long-lasting lipstick colour, hyperpigmentation for pale and ageing lips, and the ability to customise your lipstick color.

👉 Lips will look fuller without injections or surgery, enhancing lip symmetry and correcting colour for scars and uneven pigmentation.

Plus, you'll get:

✅ Unlimited access to the online curriculum for 6 months

✅ Live demos by master Huong Phan

✅ Hands-on experience with live models

✅ Ongoing support through scheduled team

✅ A certificate upon completion

✅ And much more!

Join the Advance Training by Grand Master Huong Phan- 6 on August 30-31, 2023, from 9am-5pm at level 5,76 Manners street, Wellington - New Zealand. The course fee is $3500 plus GST, and the kit includes Nano PMU pigment, latex, lips pencils, apron...(machine not included). Register today at or contact Judy at 0212321788. Don't miss this opportunity to take your skills to the next level!

Nano Eyeliner

Introducing the Nano Eyeliner technique for those who want long-lasting, fade-resistant beauty. Join Grand Master @huongphan.nano_pmu.grandmaster for a unique experience in the modern micro-touch embroidery technique. This ultra-thin needle and quality tattoo ink method will help slim, sharpen, and enhance your eyelids to perfection. With the nano eyeliner technique, you'll enjoy the benefits of sharpness, precise application, and great color without unnecessary query injection.

Don't miss the chance to learn this exclusive technique from the best in the industry. Enhance the skills learned in our Advanced Eyeliner course. Join us on September 1st, 2023, from 9 am to 5 pm at Level 5, 76 Manners Street, Wellington - New Zealand. The course fee is $1900 plus GST, and the kit includes Nano PMU pigment, latex, pencils, apron (machine not included). Our training program includes

👉 A one-day workshop

👉 Theory

👉 Practice on latex and demo

👉 Practice on live models.

You'll also get one year of online support and free access to the Nano PMU app for two years. Register now at or contact Judy at 0212321788. Success is just one step away!

About Huong Phan

Huong Phan is a highly skilled and conscientious Aesthetic Tattoo artist who has made a significant impact in the industry. She is also a pioneer in introducing European Permanent Makeup Technique to Vietnam. Huong has instructed and shared her experience with thousands of trainees in many countries. Her passion for Aesthetic Tattoo began during her Master's course in Germany, where she found her true calling. She started her career in 2013 and joined the International PhiAcademy in 2015 to improve her knowledge and skills. She became the academy’s technical instructor in Microblading Phibrows in 2016 and launched many courses in Vietnam and other countries, training more than 3000 students in Asia, Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Korea.

In 2017, Huong was chosen as one of the first 5 recipients of the Phibrows Grand Master award, the PhiAcademy's highest accolade. After 5 years with the academy, she decided to find her own path in mid-2021 and established Nano PMU, an automated aesthetic tattooing method comprising thin and delicate techniques such as Shading, Ombre PowderBrows, Ombre Eyeliner, Lip Blush, and Nano Hairstroke. She is mainly teaching at the International Aesthetic Tattoo Academy in Vietnam, where she is accompanied by 10 professional teaching assistants and trains 100 new recruits monthly for the Aesthetic field.

To identify and recognize Aesthetic Tattoo talents, she often holds international conferences and competitions in Vietnam. In particular, top 5 Wulop champions were chosen as Vietnamese representatives to compete in the World Championship in October 2022 at the Wulop Grand Event in Turkey. Huong's goal is to bring the Nano PMU technique closer to the world by creating professional tattoo artists as well as great teachers in the future. Her lessons include in-depth knowledge from Medical Hygiene, Customer Service, Knowledge of Ink Tattoos, skin and human health to Aesthetic Tattoo Marketing. The Nano PMU online app is available to all course participants and allows them to enhance extra experiences for their career.

Huong Phan has accomplished so much in the Aesthetic Tattoo industry and has brought life-changing opportunities to numerous people, especially Vietnamese women. She has trained approximately 3000 students and approximately 1000 Masters in 20 countries. Huong is a true inspiration, and her dedication to her craft is evident in the success of her students who have become famous at both national and worldwide levels.

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