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Blush Pigment (Made in Germany) has met all EU requirements and criteria. They are free of preservatives and viable organisms and also remain sterile even after opening as long as they are stored correctly in the storage bottle.



Minimal heavy metals
Blush Pigment does not contain cadmium, chromate, mercury, selenium, tellurium, thallium, uranium or soluble barium compounds. All values for heavy metals (antimony, arsenic, barium sulphate, lead, chromium and zinc) correspond to the strict limits of the European Council) and are below the recommended values.



No Alcohol

Our pigmentation dye manufacturer does not use alcohol. Blush pigment is clean, pure and microbiologically stable thanks to highly purified water used, similar to that used for injections. Many allergic reactions that occur after pigmentation are caused by the preservatives used, such as paraben.


Infections can also be caused by germs in pigmentation dyes. Due to the immune system defences of the body triggered by such an infection, it is possible that immediately after the treatment there is an increased rejection of the pigment, which can lead to faded or patchy pigmentation



No ferrous oxide pigments

Blush pigment do not contain ferrous oxide pigments which can, in our experience, cause a change from brown to orange/reddish in the colouring of eyebrow pigmentation after only a few months.


No ferrous oxides means no limitation on MRI scan. The reason for this is that the patient’s body is exposed to very strong magnetic fields during the MRI process. Pigmentation with dyes containing iron may heat up irritably during the MRI, and cause reddening and minor burns in the area where they are applied to the skin. This in turn is due to the fact that the magnetic power draws the ferrous particles in the pigmentation dyes under the skin and makes them vibrate.



Germ-free and more colour intensity thanks to novoxx® technology

Novoxx® is a combination of minerals which have revolutionised the manufacture of safe pigmentation dyes. It is a micro-fine ground white powder which is proven to be harmless as a material for implants in medicine.

Our dyes are germ-free thanks to novoxx®, which kills bacteria, yeasts and fungi. The many additional reflective surfaces that the finely ground crystalline white novoxx® powder generates in the Blush pigment lightly enhances brilliance and colour saturation under the skin.

Blush Pigment 10ml - Nude Rose


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