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New Course - Fabulash Brows Microblading Course

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

A basic training course for beginner packed with more advanced knowledge and added benefits for our students.

What is eyebrow microblading?

Just a quick overview of what eyebrow microblading is - Eyebrow Microblading is a manual techniques using a handheld blade (which comprise of multiple nano needles to form a blade of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses) to create thin and defined hair-like strokes that blend well with the eyebrow hair. This technique is performed at the epidermis layer of the skin. More details on eyebrow microblading will be revealed in the training course.

Microblading Eyebrows by Fabulash Brows

Who is Master Judy Nguyen, the teacher of the Fabulash Brows Microblading Course?

Master Judy Nguyen is the founder of Fabulash Brows and International Trainer in microblading and cosmetic tattoo since 2016. Graduated from Victoria University with Master of Marketing and International Business, Judy Nguyen is also an entrepreneur with over 15 years of running multiple successful businesses in beauty and wholesales in Wellington New Zealand and Melbourne Australia

Judy Nguyen started her semi-permanent makeup pathway when she joined the Phibrows training workshop in Las Vegas, USA in 2016. With her amazing talent, she was quickly awarded the Master title for her highest skill in Microblading by PhiAcademy in Belgrade - Serbia in September 2017. In June 2022, Judy has finished her contract with PhiAcademy after 5 years of teaching Phibrows microblading as a Phibrows Master for them.

Judy has been working hard and delivering a lot of beautiful works shared in the World Beauty Forum. Her works are admired and followed by top artists around the world. She has traveled around the world, and joined different conferences in Europe and Asia to keep herself updated with new trends and new techniques and stay on top of the game in PMU. Her technique reaches the highest level and is followed by many professionals in the field, which is why many top semi-permanent artists around New Zealand and Australia are her students.

Please check out all her works on her social media accounts.
Instagram: Fabulashbrowsnz or MasterJudynguyen-fabulashbrows
Facebook: Fabulashbrows - Microblading & PMU

Judy Nguyen’s Achievement in PMU Industry

1. Judge of Nano PMU - WULOP Championship Vietnam August 2022
2. Speaker at APMAC Conference - Melbourne Australia in 2022
3. PMU Judge Of Third Online Competition 2021 - New York- USA
4. Speaker at Diamond Worldwide PMU Masterclass 2019 - Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam
5. Master Judge of PMU Best Talent - Golden Masterclass 2018 - Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam

What is the training content of Fabulash Brows Microblading Course?

This microblading course is uniquely designed and developed under her own brand name: Fabulash Brows New Zealand. The Fabulash Brows Microblading course content not only includes precious microblading skills but also industry knowledge, tips and tricks accumulated from her own working experience on thousands of customers with different skin types and hair patterns. In her class, secrets of how to create perfect eyebrow shapes that suit different people’s face, how to choose the right colour to match the natural eyebrow hairs when it heals and how to create fine strokes, will be revealed. Her focus is achieving the best-healing result. She will also advise her students on how to set up their own business, do marketing and grow a strong business in the future.

Microblading basic information
Client consultation
Hygiene at work place
Skin types and cases of denial
Pigment retention
Microblading pigments and tools and how to mix and choose suitable colours
Possible reactions and fading process
Before and after care for microblading
Health and safety

Drawing different eyebrows shapes on paper and latex
How to design different shape to suit different facial structures
Learning how to place the micro-blade correctly, practising strokes and stroke patterns on latex
Working on live model
How to deal with different skin types and skin condition…
Extended Knowledge:
Learning how to take professional photos for social media,
Other marketing approaches
Business set-up and growth.
A premium kit included

Microblading Course

PHONE: 0221308020


All prices are in New Zealand Dollar and GST included

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