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More Microblading/Permanent Makeup artists in the north island of New Zealand

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Our permanent makeup market seems to be developing very fast, particularly in the north island. The needs of beauty correction by cosmetic tattoo are real and have been increasing significantly, requiring more skilful technicians. Brows are the perfect frame of the face, therefore, it's not hard to understand why eyebrow permanent makeup services have been blossom. Microblading was and still is one of the hottest cults recently as it is a technique of creating hair-like strokes that create a fuller look brow in an astonishingly natural way. People who long for a more defined shading effect would love to go with powder brows. Two more students have been trained in the microblading course by Master Judy and they are expected to join 14 Phibrows artists in North Island. 

Master Judy doing demo on miroblading and students with their first strokes

Microblading Result - work of student

Beside microblading, there's been always a technique of implanting pigment into the skin by using machine and needle. One technique can be used for different areas - brows, lips and eyeliners. If microblading's secret lies on hand twisting action, various shading effects are created by how differently the needle swings. We need to apply different swing directions and tensions for each area. Powder brows by Master Judy combine shading and pixel method to create three styles: powder looked brows, ombre brows and combination (microblading & powder) brows.

Guiding students on powder brows

Powder Brows - freshly done by students

The Tinted Lip Course by Mater Judy focuses more on the colour correction as there remain the needs for up-toning pigmented lips. Moroever, it is harder to predict the result of healed lips, therefore; good techniques, a firm theory background and solid experiences from the tutor might help those who are still struggling with obtaining good colour retention. One learning section of the lip tint class by Master Judy is practicing towards attaining the manageable pain during the process without the support of anaesthetic. By doing on a lip that is not dried out and closed in because of anaesthetic's effect, we can get many benefits in the pigment piercing process and the healed result.

Master Judy's instructions on lip tint techniques

Tinted Lips - Freshly done by students

Permanent makeup can bring a classic or a stardust look to the eyeliners. Unfortunately we haven't seen a significant increase in the demand of having eyeliners done in New Zealand. It might be caused by the customer's fear of the painful process, injure and poor technique in this very sensitive area. With a proper training, all those things can be prevented. As we can see from these results, classic eyeliner enhances the lash line and the sharpness of the eyes beautifully.

Practicing on Eyeliners

Eyeliner Tattoo - student's work

Eyeliner Tattoo - student's work

Every technician needs to start with a good theory background. These knowledges form an important stepping stone for every PMU technician. The courses of brow, lip & eyeliner cosmetic tattoo of Master Judy Nguyen cover the same following theory:

+ Client consultation

+ Hygiene and workplace set up

+ Tattoo machine, needle and how they works

+ Designing a perfect shape

+ Colour theory, selection and correction

+ Anaesthetic (numbing)

+ Touch up session

With more intensive training activities of Master Judy and Fabulash Brows taking place in Auckland, we are expecting to have more microblading/PMU artists in North Island, New Zealand. 

 Students in the Tined Lip Class

Students getting Phibrows Attendance Certificate

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