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Developing Hairstroke By Machine Technique Into A New Course

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

A new advanced technique - Creating hair-stroke patterns with the cosmetic tattoo machine.

What is hairstroke by machine?

Hairstroke by Machine is an advanced technique using cartridge needle attached to the machine to create hairstroke pattern that is blended well with natural brow hairs.

What is Blush hairstroke by machine?

Blush hairstroke by machine technique uses Blush water based nano pigment that penetrates the skin faster and retain up to 100% when the brows are healed if the artist has a good shading technique.

Hairstroke by machine vs Microblading

The hairstroke method can be done on all skin types, for both male and female. It especially works well on old, tattooed brows and brows with scar (brows with too many laser or removal sessions). These are the types of brows that Microblading technique can’t be performed on.

Compared to microblading technique, hairstroke by machine makes brows look more natural and artistic. However, it only lasts 9-12 months in most types of skin, and a touch-up session is needed once the brows fade. This hairstroke technique can also be used to touch-up old microblading eyebrows

Master Judy has developed this technique into a two day intense training course. To join this class, you need to have previous experience in using cosmetic tattoo machine and needles. Beginners also can learn this hairstroke technique, however a lot of practising would be required to make sure you are confident with tattoo machine and needle before the workshop.

We are honoured to have Master trainer Julie Kim from USA joining us for the first course in Wellington. She specialises in nano hairstroke technique and has hosted a lot of training classes in USA and Canada. It will be so excited for students as they will learn from two masters, learn two different hair pattern style and get 20% off course fee.

The course content will cover
· Blush nano pigment and colour theory
· Machine, needles and how they work
· Eyebrow shapes, hairstroke patterns on paper and latex
· Practice hairstroke by machine on latex
· Practice on live model
· Tips and tricks for a good healing result

Course structure
2 days training workshop
· Day 1: theory & practice on latex
· Day 2: practise on live model

Student will bring their own machine, a training kit provided for this class will be a package of 5 nano water-based pigment that we think are best for this technique

Contact us for more information:
· Phone: 0221308020
· Email:
· Click here to register:

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