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About Master Judy Nguyen

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

There has been an engaging story of Master Judy Nguyen, who started with zero experience in semi-permanent as well as normal makeup and who was awarded Master title for achieving the highest skill level in Microblading by Phi Academy in Belgrade in 2017. She is one of the only two Phibrows Master of New Zealand, training microblading artists for New Zealand and Australia. Apart from microblading excellence, she also obtains the master expertise in other semi-permanent makeup approaches for brows, lips, lashes and eyeliners.

Phibrows Master Judy Nguyen
Judy Nguyen gained her Phibrows Master title

Fabulash Brows, born in 2017 carrying its owner’s passion and progressiveness, has been evolving into a Kiwi’s favourite brand name in beauty care and training activities. Fabulash Brows aims to convey the morale of its skillful and dedicated staffs working towards professionalism and commitment. Plenty of beautiful works on clients of difference races have been delivered, which implies lots of joy and confidence has correspondingly been brought to New Zealanders who seek for beauty perfection.

Master Judy is now one of the most influent micro-pigmentation artist on social media platform with a huge size of follower, however she seems not to satisfy with what have been attained.

To her, it is more of a journey than career peaks. She has been keeping her on top of skilled cosmetic tattoo masters by continuous learning and being up-to-date in this dynamic and ever-changing industry. She is the pioneer in bringing the latest technologies and practices around the world to New Zealand.

A dream of more and more well-trained beauty artists forming a healthy business community has always been her motivation for training and sharing. What makes her really different from other trainers is the continuous thorough support for her students in and after every course to help them bridge the gap and gain confidence from their very first step in this tough and charming industry.

Despite gaining certain success in her career, Ms. Judy is said to be a down to earth and affectionate person with a big heart, an open mind and a simple life style. She is also a charismatic leader encouraging and inspiring followers by her works, her endeavours and her personality.

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