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International Microblading Training in Seoul, South Korea

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Microblading is still a hot trend in permanent makeup industry worldwide and Asia is not an exception. We have seen numerous skilled Asian microblading artists with their sophisticated works. Why? Asian people are said to have dexterity and an eye for details. Moreover, the demand for permanent makeup in particular and for beauty correction in general in Asian market is huge.

If you are in this promising market and want to take the initial step into this charming industry, make a difference by learning from a prestigious Master/institute and getting a premium Phibrows Certificate. For those who don't know, Phibrows of Phi Academy, it is a work-known academy in permanent makeup, which is famous for its professional regulated system. Students who attend the Phibrows class have to pass 12 levels to get the certificate and get listed on the Phi Map, from which customers could find their local artist. Becoming a Phibrows artist brings a lot of advantages in terms of obtaining valuable knowledge, experience and getting international recognition. 

Fabulash Brows and Master Judy had an intensive training with partner Master Julie Kimin Seoul. 

Fantastic class and talented students.

Thanks Master Julie, hope we will co-operate more in future.

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